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17th - 21st October 2022

The British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the second Malaysia Climate Action Week – an exciting five-day programme featuring organisations and individuals that have taken active steps towards climate action through insightful discussions and site visits. This year, we also look to inspire many more to A.C.T. – adapt and collaborate to transcend above the impacts of climate change through hands-on experiences. Here's a look at the line-up of activities:

A.C.T. Now Conference
& Eco-Exhibitions
Film Screening &
Appreciation Dinner
Eco-Site Visit
ESG Masterclass
Youth Action
Video Competition
The Queen's 
Green Canopy
Nocturnal Urban
Forest Walk

Our Partners
Climate Action Partners:

Education Partner: Technical Partner: Conference Venue Partner:

Pledge to Give: The Queen’s Green Canopy Tree Planting
To demonstrate our commitment to the national 100 million tree campaign under the purview of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA), the BMCC in collaboration with the British High Commission Kuala Lumpur are calling for corporate companies to demonstrate their stance on climate impact by pledging 70 trees per company to the initiative. The collaboration with our tree-planting partners, APE and Yayasan Hijau will help facilitate the planting and maintenance of the trees pledged on behalf of companies across locations in Malaysia.
Technical Partners:

Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn. Bhd. (APE Malaysia) is an accredited social enterprise that develops programmes in support of conservation projects in a sustainable manner. Their ROAR initiative assists companies in tree-planting of a selection of over 30 different species of trees in the Lower Kinabatangan region in Sabah.

Info Kit: Here

Yayasan Hijau Malaysia (YHM) carries out an array of programmes and activities on promoting and educating the youth on the importance and benefits of green technology and sustainable living and facilitates corporate entities in multiple CSR initiatives such as tree-planting. Their Greening of Malaysia initiative assists in planting mangrove trees along the Hutan Simpan Tanjung Burung of Perak.

Info Kit: Here

Pledge Now!
BMCC Climate Action Pledge
Taking the First Step – Towards a Net Zero Future

The British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) is pleased to launch the BMCC Climate Action Pledge, together with the support of the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (BHCKL), and UN Global Compact Malaysia and Brunei (UNGCMYB).

The BMCC Climate Action Pledge is started as an avenue to raise awareness about climate change and implement climate-related initiatives among organisations and businesses that have yet to commit to any climate-related goal.

Organisations that have committed to other climate goals are also welcomed to sign up to this pledge and be part of this network where they can, through their leadership and experience, support other organisations in the various sectors taking their first steps in this journey.

We aim to encourage organisations and businesses to adopt some of these initiatives below over the next 12 months.

Climate Action a key agenda in Board / Management Meetings

Baseline measurement of carbon footprint

Action plan to improve sustainability efforts

Trainings and capacity building on climate-related goals

Organise / Co-organise a climate action event

Report climate-related goals and action

Pledge Signatories:





To find out more and sign the pledge, click here

MCAW Pledge Best Practices
Here are some of the best practices and initiatives that were adopted by the pledge signatories.

Climate Agenda in Board-level Discussion

  • Establish a structured framework for governance. E.g. Group Sustainability Governance Framework, Risk Management & Sustainability Committee, Sustainability Committee/Taskforce, Environment and Sustainable Campus Committee, etc.
  • Incorporate sustainability into the organisation’s strategic plans.
  • Creating awareness amongst Board members on the sustainability agenda.

Carbon Footprint Measurement & Monitoring

  • Less than half of the signatories committed to this pledge.
  • While some of the organisations have measured their carbon footprint and verified by independent third parties, many still need support especially in capacity building to enable in-house monitoring.
  • An internal dashboard to allow employees to view the organisation’s footprint and monitor their own emissions creates ownership among employees.

Action Plan Towards Carbon Reduction

  • Appointing external consultants to develop an action plan.
  • Renewable Energy Adoption (Solar power, Waste Heat Recovery, etc.)
  • Zero Waste-to-Landfill & Incineration Programme.
  • Efficient Resource Management (Water, Waste, Energy).
  • Sustainable Travel commitments.
  • Tree-planting/forest restoration initiatives.
  • Farming where products are used by the canteen for staff and students’ consumption.
  • Flexible working arrangements (reduce travelling).
  • Recycling activities.
  • Carbon offset programmes (Green Electricity Tariff, Carbon Markets, etc.)

Capacity Building & Training for Employees

  • Structured Programmes:
    • Micro-credentials / certificates
    • ESG Academy
    • Structured In-house Training Programme
  • Others:
    • Townhall sessions with talks
    • Workshops for employees
    • Sending employees for training/ conferences/ workshops

Organise/Co-organise Climate Action Events

  • Climate Summit
  • Sustainability Leadership Conference
  • Colloquium for Environmental Research
  • Industry expert dialogues
  • Environmental programme (Earth Day, World Environment Day, etc.)
  • Collaborations with local NGOs

Reporting on Climate Action Initiatives

  • The PLCs and MNCs have very clear sustainability reporting structures in place.
  • Smaller organisations do have some form of reporting through internal circulations of their initiatives and outcomes.
BMCC Green Initiatives
To raise awareness about the Green agenda, the BMCC has launched a special monthly Green edition of the BMCC e-newsletter for 2022 featuring climate change and sustainable finance-related content. Check out the exclusive Q&As by CEOs of BMCC member companies, where they share insights on their organisations’ sustainability journey and climate action goals. Also get the latest updates on how BMCC members are improving their environmental impact through their Green products or services, sustainable initiatives and related CSR activities in every issue.